Dark Fate

Darkfate is one of the classic indie games that combines enthralling story plot and fast control to make it a wild ride from start to finish.

Available on Windows for English and French language, this 8-bit sprite graphic inspired atmospheric platformer that centers around a man named Chris Freeman.

Our protagonist suffers from amnesia and he soon embarks on a journey in discovering who he is and where his destiny will take him. A game that is short to finish, with no more than an hour needed to complete in entirety. Developed and published by Kevin Soulas, was renowned for its stunning soundtrack that bedazzled the players who were lucky enough to encounter it.

For an old game, it features some nifty stuffs like autosaves as well as ability to replay any chapter as you wish.

Platform: PC
Genre: Exploration
File Size: 9.9 Mb
Languages : English, Français, Italiano
Author: Kévin Soulas

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